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Triangle stair light

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Engineering Works 
Trade Fair 

Tampere Exhibition
and Sports Centre

Designer: Head of Design & 

Interior Architect SIO Ilona Törmikoski, Polku Consulting 



We have received an honorable Plootu Fennica mention with the triangle stair light product. 

On Tuesday, March 19, 2024, Polku Consulting received an honorable mention in the design category at Konepaja 2024 at the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Center. 

The award-winning product is made of thin sheet metal, originally used in the building of Aalto University's Otaniemi campus. The design of the triangular stair light is gestural and timeless, so that it fits into buildings different styles and identity and is easy to implement. 

In the design process, we took into account that the light can be attached to the wall or ceiling surface, either like a cape at a 90-degree angle or parallel to the wall, depending on the visibility in the walk direction. This shaped the product into a triangle shape from the top. The stair light can be produced in various colors that match the architecture the best way. Basic colors are: black, white, brown and grey, but the product is also available in all colors from the RAL-Classic except for pearlescent and shimmering colors. 

In addition, the information is cut into the sheet metal as an opening, so it's visible in the dark. The marking is easier to see in extreme weather conditions, for example in rain and snow. In addition, the lower surface of the stair letter can be illuminated downwards and be placed next to the entrance helping to see the keys for example. 


Size variations: 200x200 mm

                         400x400 mm 

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